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Icy Tower - the game that everybody loves!


Icy Tower® is a fun and short, yet addictive game where your only goal is to gain as much score as possible. The game brings you custom characters, unlockable floors types, replays to share with your friends, lots of combo rewards and more! Icy Tower is available for PC Windows and Mac OS X. Enjoy!
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Icy Tower has been downloaded more than 20 000 000 times, and counting!


Icy Tower is also on Facebook! Compete with your friends in weekly tournaments and try out new amazing towers with amazing twists and curls. Try it out today!

Welcome to Icy Tower!     See your friends top results in the game!     Dress up in fancy costumes!    

Join more than a million Icy Tower lovers and like Icy Tower on Facebook! Join the masses on facebook to share movies, stories and partake in contests. You'll also get updates as soon anything happens in the Icy Tower universe.


Welcome to Icy Tower!

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